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夜​深​马​静 (Silence of the Night) feat. N. Hollow

by St. Pinkie

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Happy Chinese New Year from Crystal Empire Records! May the Year of the Chicken bring you prosperity, fortune and many new friendships. Gong Xi!

The idea for this collab came about when we thought about how the Lunar New Year could tie into the story of Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon. N. Hollow's words represent the feelings pent up inside the Princess of the Night while St. Pinkie's part is a traditional Lunar New Year song (恭喜恭喜), reflecting the citizens of Equestria and how oblivious they were to the power struggle happening in the highest powers of Canterlot where all they rejoiced in was the end to a long winter's night.


VERSE 1 (N. Hollow)
Show me where the war at
All this hatred and anger’s been left at my doorstep
I held my pride they slept on me
No more damns to give no pony
They shunned the darkness
So the night is now what my heart is
My clenched hoof is an expression
How could they deal at my expenses
Praise the sun whenever it lights up
So bow down and get your tie up
Look good for the princess, white coat, pink eyes
Else you might leave this place with a pink eye
Me? I’m introverted
They never saw my art ‘less they bring a burner
My effort put in has been turned to an upset
Now I think of changing blue nights to a blood red

CHORUS 1 (St. Pinkie)
每条大街小巷, 每个人的嘴里 (In every town and every city)
见面第一句话就是恭喜恭喜 (the first thing that people say is 'good fortune to you')
冬天已到尽头真是好的消息 (winter is almost over, that's really good news)
温暖的春风就要吹醒大地 (the warm breeze of spring is about to awaken the land)
恭喜恭喜恭喜你 (good fortune, good fortune, good fortune to you)

VERSE 2 (N. Hollow)
Yes the blue collared pony had to work it
One switch small is all I need to turn it
The situation and the rips you makin’
If I had the chance in one final swoop I would sink the nation
But Luna don’t
do it you might rue the day
This horn is a
Choppa I just switched to spray
What is this life I’ve been living a lie
You slept through my nights, you sleep through your life
Waiting for the moment ‘til I close in
Opportunity knocks but it’s open
Sister just hear me out
I said with a cry and an eerie shout
I charged like a javelin hoping to bring her to deuce
Then suddenly I had woke up on the moon

CHORUS 2 (St. Pinkie)
浩浩冰雪融解, 眼看梅花吐蕊 (snow is melting and the blossoms are blooming)
漫漫长夜过去听到一声鸡啼 (the long night is slowly ending as a rooster's crow is heard)
经过多少困难, 历经多少磨练 (through many difficulties and disciplines)
多少心儿盼望, 盼望春的消息 (many hearts are awaiting, awaiting the news of spring)
恭喜恭喜恭喜你 (good fortune, good fortune, good fortune to you)


released January 31, 2017
Mare in the Moon vector by spiritofthwwolf.deviantart.com


all rights reserved



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